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CASHAMPIONESS – [Cash-amp-pion-ess] – noun: Christ-like valor with purpose and passion, authentic appeal or style; serving and humble in meek attractiveness, persistence and intelligence is its original nature; a sophisticate of elegance and excellence – captivating a momentous significance of one’s best lifestyle.

The Journey (Calendar)

NOVEMBER 3-9, 2016
Vacation - Manuas, Brazil 

AUGUST 22-26, 2016
Casa Azur - Costa Rica

JULY 31 - AUGUST 2, 2016
Toronto, Canada
OVO Fest, Caribana, Drake Concert - it's lit!!!

JULY 4th, 2016
San Diego, CA
San Diego Padres Game, Taco Fest

JUNE 24-26, 2016
Indiana, Indianapolis 

MAY 20-22, 2016
Dallas, TX
Nephew & Sister Baptism 

JULY 4th, 2015
2015 AJC Peachtree Road Race - Atlanta, GA

JUNE 8, 2015
LSAT Test - Georgia State University; Atlanta,GA

MAY 23-26, 2015
Memorial Day Weekend in New Orleans, LA

APRIL 21-26, 2015

APRIL 17-21, 2015
The Turks & Caicos Islands

JANUARY 18-25, 2015
Western Michigan - Cooley Law School
Lansing, MI

OCTOBER 23--27th, 2014
My Birthday Celebration
Miami, FL - Miami Beach

OCTOBER 17-20, 2014
Albany State University - Homecoming
Albany, GA

SEPTEMBER 1-4th, 2014
Dallas, TX

JULY 1-4, 2014
Flight to San Francisco to San Diego

JUNE 20-23, 2014
Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals Game
Washington, DC

JUNE 7, 2014
Modern Home Atlanta Tour
Atlanta, GA

NOVEMBER 15-17, 2013
Miami Book Fair International - AuthorHouse featuring CASHAMPIONESS' Book
Miami, FL - Beaches, Beautiful babes & Books ...

MAY 31st - JUNE 1, 2013
AARP Life @ 50 + Spring Conference Book Gallery
Las Vegas, Nevada - What happens in Vegas, ...

APRIL 20-21, 2013
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books - @ USC. Featured CASHAMPIONESS' Book
University of Southern California's University Park Campus 

MARCH 1 2012 - DECEMBER 2013
Outlining & Composing, the sequel book - CASHAMPIONESS II.

MAY 15 - JUNE 15, 2012
Speaking with teen girls at Ladies of Favor Mentoring program in Morrow, Ga about abstinence from a Gentleman's perspective.

MAY 5, 2012
Book Signing - West End Library presents .. A Cashampioness Evening - w/ Bestselling Author, DeMario Cash in Atlanta, GA.

APRIL 5, 2012
Book Signing Affair w/ Bestselling Author - DeMario Cash at Nubian Bookstore in Morrow, GA @ Southlake Mall 5-8pm.

JANUARY 20, 2012
Book Signing at Amai Bar & Dessert Lounge - ASU Young Alumni Mixer
9-11pm - Atlanta, GA.

JANUARY 1, 2012  & CASHAMPIONESS: How to Achieve The Unlimited Potential Within You | both officially published and released.

DECEMBER 29, 2011
Official CASHAMPIONESS marketplace book release nationally - 
on, Barnes and, & AuthorHouse.

DECEMBER 25, 2011
Merry Christmas from Atlanta, GA.

DECEMBER 22, 2011
DeMario Cash Presents: The X-MAS FACTOR CHRISTMAS PARTY at Skylofts for private & exclusive guest - Atlanta, GA.

DECEMBER 14, 2011
The Official CASHAMPIONESS - Book Cover Launch - Atlanta, GA.

NOVEMBER 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving to All! Thanks for all of your love & support from The Gentleman & Author - DeMario Cash.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011
Salute to all the Veterans, Thank you - from The Gentleman & Author - DeMario Cash.

NOVEMBER 2, 2011
Torry Lewis Studios, Atlanta, GA - Interview Preps

NOVEMBER 1, 2011
The Cashampioness Challenge - A carefully curated life challenge is added into the CASHAMPIONESS manuscript.

OCTOBER 30, 2011
The Gentleman & Author - DeMario Cash supports NYC's designers "YeRoc": Wrist Swag.

OCTOBER 27-29, 2011
The Gentleman & Author - DeMario Cash travels to Albany, GA for Albany State University's Homecoming 2011.

OCTOBER 22, 2011
Author - DeMario Cash 27th Birthday Celebration

OCTOBER 18, 2011
The Gentleman & Author - DeMario Cash's; Happy Birthday

OCTOBER 5, 2011
Website Photo shoot in Studio w/ Atlanta based Celebrity Photographer - Allen Cooley

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
Book Cover Editing

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011
Book Cover Proofs

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011
Revealing of the CASHAMPIONESS: How to Achieve the Unlimited Potential Within You
Book Cover Image - Shot by Luis Valdizon

SEPTEMBER 16, 2011
Manuscripts Initial Edits

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011
Manuscript Submission to Publisher

Committed to Publishing House - TBA

AUGUST 8, 2011
Website & Book Cover Photo Shoot on Location - Shot by Luis Valdizon

JANUARY 1, 2011 - JULY 31, 2011
Creating, observing, researching & writing 1st book -
CASHAMPIONESS: How to Achieve the Unlimited Potential Within You


Jesus is everything. From Atlanta to London to Los Angeles and all across the world, without putting God first – life is pointless. Therefore with Him, achieving our unlimited potential through purpose and passion, unleashes a lifestyle of greatness – one that is simple, sexy and serene.

Greatness is an expectation, determination and dedication. Greatness is such a broad term, yet obtained by those who intentionally seek it. Many use this term “greatness” in and out of context, not knowing that it describes the capability everyone posses.

Through eye-witnessing world wars, un-scripted controversial reality T.V shows, opinionated loophole judicial systems, real economic hardships and listening to many people that live in situational fear and doubt - led me to believe, for many, life is at an immeasurable standstill. I felt compelled to address this topic by inspiring, motivating and uplifting others with truth, encouragement, God’s word and insight that would captivate people’s abnormal lifestyles into progressively achieving the greatest life they’ve yet to live.

Therefore, I can ‘2nd the motion’ on how hard life can get and how the everyday struggles of our livelihoods can frustrate us – so, I want us to tap into a new approach. Meaning, instead of letting our potential collect closet dusk, we have to pass our own self-transformation reform bill to begin living a greater lifestyle.
Success in the 21st century depends on street smarts and book smarts. Your success in a knowledge based society depends on mastery of life skills and practical intelligence. You’ll learn theory in college, but you won’t develop etiquette and practicality—which are pre-requisites for success.

Furthermore, relax - I have a unique passion, gift and perspective that reaches others about how to turn harsh realities into paradise. After all – paradise isn’t just a gorgeous island; it’s the freedom within you.
At this point, purpose and passion ignites this quest for brilliance. Balancing, impacting and excelling in ‘real life’ etiquette is the culture of Cashampioness.

Whether you’re worshiping the Lord, enjoying a luxury suite at your hometown’s MLB game with family and friends, dating at a 5-Star skyline hotel restaurant – eating fine cuisine while sipping red wine viewing contemporary fine art or reading a bestselling novel on the beach in Ray-Bans getting a Sun-tans' ... educating and elevating peoples’ minds about living etiquette in these arenas and the likes, both nationally and internationally, is what the book - CASHAMPIONESS: How To Achieve the Unlimited Potential Within You, is all about.

So, ladies and gentlemen – follow my advices and just like the saying “If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it”, I won’t recommend a shoe that hurts you either (unless it’s the truth).

The mission of is to love, encourage, inform, inspire, embrace and live an example of Christ-like valor, an authentic and appealing lifestyle by serving one another in meek attractiveness, persistence and intelligence. To begin a quest such as this, we poise to expand our originality and natural beauty by presenting our utmost sophistication of elegance and excellence – therefore, captivating a momentous significance of one’s best lifestyle around the world.

Life is precious, so being conscious about living your best lifestyle is essential. I welcome you and thank you for being a part of this intriguing journey. "Follow Me" on Twitter at @demariocash.

Embrace the CASHAMPIONESS’ in you, excuse the charisma…