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Writing is Simple, Sexy & Serene

The power of life's changes
March 01

From the launch of Facebook, to the economical challenges on Wall Street, through the changing of the guards in President Barack Obama... Read More

Spring Graduates
May 6

Flight arrangements, hotel reservations and flowing tears of joy from years of hurdling are hallmarks as graduates from all around the country commence... Read More

You Should Hear, Silence.
August 15

Some things are better left unsaid.Everything asked doesn't necessarily require a response. Why. Why ask, why Life is as beautiful as a beach... Read More

The God in You even Sexier
March 03

As the sun rises, a fresh beginning of a beautiful day – the Atlanta skyline lights up in elegance of a city with a sexy culture that is arguably... Read More

Take a Look Inside of You
May 27

As springtime settles like pollen and the peak of summer rapidly approaches, more than just good health – your life is on display... Read More

The Journey of Great-Setters
September 16

I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” -Muhammad Ali. I am great. Not because I just piggy-backed on a quote from a legend... Read More

How Valuable are You?
March 15

Timeless valuables rarely shine. Whether it is within relationships, family, careers etc. – we all want to bring value to any situation... Read More

How To Love
July 03

We’re just human and I think we often forget that. I am no love expert, I am not perfect, I have hurt people, I have lied, I have fears... Read More

Celebrate Life
September 26

The art of celebrating is about appreciation.As I passionately seek to write from a place of authenticity, I find myself overjoyed when I share... Read More

The Mango Letter
April 19

Passion is the fruit of life’s purpose. A pleasantry fruit that really makes you feel better; beyond being delicious and rich in vitamins, minerals... Read More

How Much Can You Bare?
July 14

Are you afraid of being naked? Like Mona Kuhn's camera set on selected focus – blurred, it captures the togetherness of life and art... Read More

Dream Chasers
October 21

You’re driving 96 mph on Hwy 85 north and you’re perspiring from anxiety of the unknown. Texts messages are sounding off uncontrollably... Read More